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Mission Statement

Educational Objectives


  • We aim to provide all of our students with a multifaceted general education. This includes fostering their linguistic, musical and creative, as well as mathematical, scientific and computational skills.


  • Apart from the development of intellectual capabilities, the Alpen-Adria-Gymnasium also offers a broad range of athletic and health-related activities.


  • It is important to us that our students cultivate a sense of personal responsibility, practice critical thinking and adopt values such as tolerance, open-mindedness and community involvement.





  • Our teachers work responsibly and methodically to create modern and diversified lessons with an emphasis on social learning.


  • We aspire to a high educational standard through continued professional development, reflection and evaluation.


  • We encourage our students to focus on performance, while also taking their individual skills into account.


  • We promote language acquisition through language weeks, exchange programs, relationships with partner schools and other international contacts.


  • We teach our students basic scientific principles, as well as practical skills.


  • We offer qualified learning assistance, leisure activities and professional support in our after-school program.



Our School Community


  • Our interactions and relationships are characterized by respect, appreciation and thoughtfulness.


  • Students, teachers and parents learn with and from each other in pursuit of common goals.


  • We take conflicts and other issues seriously and work toward constructive solutions.


  • Members of the school community are committed to having open communication and respectful dialogue.



Public Relations


  • We present ourselves to the public through our projects, activities, participation in competitions, public exhibitions, excursions and our annual school ball.


  • We live up to our school motto, “Education without Borders,” as well as our school name, the “Alpen-Adria-Gymnasium.”


  • We report on our daily activities and school events on our website, in public media and in our annual report.


  • Maintaining contact with our alumni is important to us.


  • We collaborate with external specialists in a variety of fields.



Agreed upon by the school partners in July 2006. 





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